The schedule for the SUMMER BEIT MIDRASH public lectures, August 1-19, is as follows:

The schedule for the Summer Beit Midrash public lectures, August 1-19, is as follows:


All August lectures will be held in the Young Israel of Sharon

100 Ames St., Sharon, MA

Rabbi Aryeh Klapper, Lecturer and Program Director


Wednesday Nights



Series Title:  The Disadvantages of Reason: Three Rational Analyses


            August 1-- "Ignorance is Bliss: Maimonides' Understanding of the Garden of                                 Eden"


            August 8-- "Less is More: Why the Kuzari chose Judaism"


            August 15-- "Hope is a Muscle: R. Joseph Albo's Defense of Unjustified                                            Expectations"



Sunday Mornings



Series Title:  The Image of G-d and the Face of the Other: Three Talmudic Meditations


            August 5-- "Should We Ever Celebrate the Downfall of Enemies?"


            August 12-- "Should Halakhic Civil Law Treat Jews and Non-Jews Alike?"


            August 19-- "Is it Better to have Sinned and Repented than Never to have Sinned                          at All?"



Note: SBM Fellows will be available to prepare for the lectures with community members during the allotted chavruta period before each lecture. Source handouts will be available in Hebrew and English.