Lecture Series Program

Why Ask Why

1.  The relationship between theology and law
2.  Rabbinic decrees that outlive their rationales
3.  The relationship between act and intent

Pluralism Within Halakhah

1.  Geographic pluralism
2.  Intra-Jewish pluralism
3.  Extra-Jewish pluralism

Hard Choices

1.  Is not choosing a choice
2.  Learning Torah for the wrong reasons
3.  Sinning for the sake of others

Arguing With G-d

1.  Avraham at Sodom - When bad things happen to bad people
2.  Eliyahu - Zealotry and mercy
3.  Yonah - From despair to disagreement . . . and back?
Lectures on Moshe, Yirmiyahu, and Iyov are also available in this series

Advanced Talmud for Beginners - Maimonides on Abortion

1-3 lectures 

Advanced Talmud for Beginners - Killing to Prevent Murder

1-3 lectures

 Unions and Strikes - A Halakhic Analysis

1-3 lectures

Communal and Individual Obligations to the Poor  - A Halakhic Analysis

1-2 lectures